I began filming, editing and producing short promotional videos for the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama in 2012. I had no prior experience in filming or film editing, but our Department wanted to take on a new form of advertising, so I started to learn the ropes. In my time working for the Dept of Religious Studies (REL) at UA, I made a good number of videos using initially my own digital camera, then a campus owned video camera, and eventually the one we purchased for the Department. When I started editing the videos, I used iMovie '09 which was on my laptop, and from there we upgraded with a new Department laptop and iMovie '11 and eventually Final Cut Pro. I taught myself how to use these and slowly developed a new set of skills. Here are a few videos I made, but definitely go explore REL's Vimeo page to see what all REL is up to these days.


This welcome back video was the first one REL filmed. We used my digital camera and iMovie '09 to make our first of many Welcome Back Videos.

In the Fall of 2012, I went to the Annual AAR meeting in Chicago to interview our faculty about conferences and their conference experiences.

This is my most recent video--what can I say, I really get a kick out of making these!