Curriculum Vitae

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2022   Ph.D., Emory University, Graduate Division of Religion, American Religious Cultures
Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

2017   M.A., University of Colorado Boulder, Religious Studies

  • Thesis: “Regimes of Belief: On the Pervasiveness of Religion as Belief from Locke to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom"

2012   B.A. (Cum Laude, University Honors) University of Alabama, Major in Religious
Studies and History; Italian minor


Book Chapters

Invited Contributions

  • “Clashing Allegiances: The Practicality of Constructing National Identity” in Steven Ramey (ed.) Fabricating Difference. 69-76. Equinox Publishers, UK. 2017.


  • Administrator, Academic Publishing for Graduate Students Workshop, North American Association for the Study of Religion, American Academy of Religion, San Diego, California, Nov. 2019

  • “Principles of Pedagogy: Thinking with Smith in the Introductory Classroom,” Thinking with Jonathan Z. Smith Conference, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, June 2019

  • “America and Its Catholicisms: Complicating the Rise of an American Religion,” Religions in America Panel, Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion, American Academy of Religion, Greenville, North Carolina, March 2019

  • Chair, Class and Economy Panel, North American Association for the Study of Religion, Denver, Colorado, November 2018

  • “Passing as American: On Immigration, Whiteness, and Identity Construction in Late 19th Century United States,” Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion, Method and Theory Panel, American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2018

  • Panelist, From Hobby Lobby to Mauna Kea: Engaging Religious Diversity and Religious Freedom in the Classroom, the Campus, and in the Courts Roundtable, Building the Road Map: Diversity and Inclusion Summit, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, November 2015

  • “Free to Be Like Me: Constructing Freedom in the Public Sphere,” Freedom of (and from) Religion: Debates Over the Accommodation of Religion in the Public Sphere, UCSB, Santa Barbara, California, April 2015

  • “Shifting the Focus: Understanding the Teller Behind the Tale,” Religion, Archaeology, and the Law Panel, Rocky Mountain Great Plains Region, American Academy of Religion, Omaha, Nebraska, March 2015

  • “Mind the Gap: Shifting the Focus of Discourse on Myth,” Undergraduate Research in Method and Theory of Religion Group, Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion, American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2014

Public Scholarship

Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Culture on the Edge

Engaging Religion

Sowing the Seed

Studying Religion in Culture

Scholarly Collaboration

Interviewer, Religious Studies Project, an international collaborative based in the U.K. which produces podcasts on the study of religion. Feb 2018- Present

  • Duties: Set up and conduct podcast interviews with contributors; edit and produce podcasts.

Online Curator and Contributor, Culture on the Edge, is a peer reviewed blog maintained by an international scholarly working group comprised of: Andie Alexander, Tara Baldrick-Morrone, Christopher Cotter, Jason W. M. Ellsworth, Anja Kirsch, Craig Martin, Russell McCutcheon, Richard Newton, Steven Ramey, Martha Smith Roberts, Matt Sheedy, K. Merinda Simmons, Leslie Dorrough Smith, Stacie Swain, Teemu Taira, and Vaia Touna; June 2013- Present

  • Duties: manage the blog; collaborate with contributors on the formatting and scheduling of their blogs; write press-release posts to publicize the contributors’ latest work; maintain the Facebook and Twitter pages; coordinate with guest contributors and regulate guest posts on the blog; and liaise with professors interested in inviting Edge members for a class visit.

Scholarly Contributions

Teaching Experience

Emory University:
Teaching Associate:
            REL 209: History of Religions in America with Dr. Barbara Patterson and Charles Barber
            -   Fall 2018: 60 students
            -   Prepared 3 weeks of the syllabus and taught those classes

Teaching Assistant:
            HC 505: History of Christianity in America with Dr. Helen Jin Kim
            -   Spring 2019: 40 students; taught one class
REL 270: Sacred Drugs with Dr. Gary Laderman
            -   Spring 2018: 272 students
            REL 322: Religion and Sexuality with Dr. Gary Laderman
            -   Fall 2017: 215 students

Online Teaching Associate:
            REL 209: History of Religions in America with Dr. Gary Laderman
            -   Summer 2018: 20 students

University of Colorado Boulder:
Guest Lecturer:
            RLST 2400: Religion in Contemporary Society with Prof. Lucas Carmichael
            -   Nov. 2015: 25 students

Graduate Teaching Assistant:
            RLST 1620: Religious Dimensions of Human Experience
            -   Spring 2016: with Dr. Loriliai Biernacki, 60 students
            -   Fall 2015: with Dr. Sam Gill, 88 students
            RLST 2400: Religion and Contemporary Society with Dr. Ira Chernus
            -   Spring 2015: 40 students
            RLST 2700: American Indian Religious Traditions with Dr. Greg Johnson
            -   Fall 2014: 160 students

Online Grader:
            RLST 2400: Religion and Contemporary Society with Dr. Ira Chernus
            -   Fall 2016: 16 students
            -   Summer 2016: 10 students
            -   Spring 2016: 8 students
            -   Summer 2015: 10 students


  • Department of Religious Studies Fellowship, University of Colorado, Boulder, Fall 2016

  • Department of Religious Studies Scholarship, University of Colorado Boulder, Spring 2015

  • Outstanding Student in the Academic Study of Religion, University of Alabama, 2013

  • Dean’s List, University of Alabama, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2012, Fall 2012

  • Silverstein Scholar, Religious Studies Scholarship, University of Alabama, 2011, 2012

  • Theta Alpha Kappa, Religious Studies Honors Society, University of Alabama, 2011

  • Italian Honor Student, University of Alabama, Spring 2010

  • University Honors College, University of Alabama, 2009-12