About Andie


Andie is currently a doctoral student in American Religious Cultures at Emory University. Her research explores the pro-immigration rhetoric of liberal Christians in popular literature and religious organizations in the U.S. Building on the thorough histories of anti-immigration and Americanization of immigrants, her research examines the ways in which pro-immigration rhetoric also works to Americanize immigrant groups. Though pro-immigration rhetoric is generally understood to be working in opposition to anti-immigration rhetoric, her work investigates the similarities of these rhetorics and how they, in fact, mirror one another. In tracing the ways that these seemingly disparate immigration rhetorics are rooted in similar religious rhetoric about identity, boundary formation, and experience, she hopes to offer new insight on how religious rhetoric is employed not only to Americanize immigrant groups in the U.S., but also to inform the ways in which we construct identity through rhetorics of experience.

Andie earned her BA in Religious Studies and History at the University of Alabama (2012) and MA in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder (2017). During her time at Alabama, she became involved with digital scholarship and blogging. She works as a contributor and online Curator at Culture on the Edge.