About Andie


Andie is currently a doctoral student in American Religious Cultures at Emory University. Her research interests focus on identity construction, boundary formation, nationalism, and discourses on classification. As a way to explore issues of identity and classification, her work examines Italian immigration to the U.S., in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as Irish immigration before that, as a way to explore the establishment of a what is now seen as a successful minority in the U.S.: American Catholicism. Andie earned her BA in Religious Studies and History at the University of Alabama (2012) and MA in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder (2017). During her time at Alabama, she became involved with digital scholarship. She works as a contributor and online Curator at Culture on the Edge. She also contributes to several other blogs including Studying Religion in Culture and Bulletin for the Study of Religion. Andie also works as Senior Associate Editor for Sacred Matters.