Website/Blog Maintenance 

Web Maintenance

Since 2011, I have done quite a bit of work in managing blogs and maintaining websites. While working in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama (REL), I helped to maintain their former website which was run through Dreamweaver 3, a web design software. I learned how to create web pages, which were already based on a template that was designed, and edit them by adding photos, links, files, etc. I learned a little about coding inasmuch as I needed to edit the code to get the page to function properly. This was one of my primary jobs in the main office where I worked. Here are a few photos of the former website. In 2017, the Dept. of REL officially moved their website over to WordPress. The site is run by UA's eTech office, but the Department still edits and updates the site on a regular basis. To see the new REL website, click here.



While working in REL, I also managed the Department blog which was run through WordPress. I was responsible for scheduling, editing, and writing posts for a variety of things. Since 2013, I have been the online curator of Culture on the Edge, responsible for scheduling and editing posts, updating the website, and managing the blog. To see my work on these blogs and others, click here.

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