About Andie


Andie is currently a doctoral student in American Religious Cultures at Emory University. Her research explores the emergence of the now influential lived religion approach (as well as its offshoots: embodied religion, material religion, etc.) within the field of religious studies and specifically, in American religious history. Examining the earlier methods from which this approach arose, from phenomenology to the social scientific turn, and the gains its proponents intended to make, she aims to historicize the lived religion approach and rhetoric of experience within the field of religious studies and to understand the broader effects of this shift in scholarship. In tracing this history, she hopes to offer new insight on the ways in which religion is understood and classified, with particular interest in how these discourses of lived religion impact the study of Catholic immigrant groups in the U.S.

Andie earned her BA in Religious Studies and History at the University of Alabama (2012) and MA in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder (2017). During her time at Alabama, she became involved with digital scholarship and blogging. She works as a contributor and online Curator at Culture on the Edge.